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Welcome!! This page is run by us —

Darlene Dang and Shireen Jaffer 👯‍♀️

This is our attempt to make powerful thinking tools available to all of you 💜

We’ve been on a mission to introduce mental models to everyone. They’ve changed our lives and have helped us think better, make better decisions, and navigate life with confidence.  

So, we’re excited to announce our 10-Day Think Better Challenge! Every day, you’ll receive an email that includes:

✅ One new mental model,

✅ A real-life example of how it can be used (Shireen will share a personal story of how it helped her make a big life decision), and

✅ A fun mini-challenge that’ll help you learn the mental model!

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What are Mental Models?

Mental models are incredible thinking tools that help you navigate life better. They’ve existed for years, yet most people struggle to use them. Why? Because mental models are presented in unnecessarily complicated and hard to understand ways. 👎

Good news: your brain can adopt mental models quickly with practice! 🙌🏽

What was our inspiration?

After helping over 50,000 people navigate their careers, we noticed a pattern: people simply want validation that they're making good decisions. Mental models help with this and don’t require us to rely on anyone except ourselves! But our research showed that the majority of people aren’t even aware that mental models exist! So we want to raise awareness for these powerful tools, and do our part to help you learn a few of them.

What have we done so far?

In May, we shared a prototype of our app to Product Hunt.

We had over 15,000 people use Mental Models in the first two weeks of launching, showing us that we're not alone in wanting to be better thinkers.

Mental Models started as a passion project (we wanted a library of sorts to help ourselves think better), and it’s exciting to now be sharing it with the world.

Since then, we’ve started the big tasks of creating a library of content to help you use Mental Models for everyday situations, and redesigning the app to make it more user friendly. 

Here's a preview of what's to come: 

What now?

As we build, we want to keep supporting everyone in their journey to think better. 

So, we put together a 10-Day Think Better Challenge!

Here are the details:

For 10 days, you’ll get an email from us highlighting a mental model, examples of how you can use it, and a mini-challenge that’ll help you apply the mental model to think better. 

By the end of these 10 days, you’ll:

✅ Have a working knowledge of 10 different mental models

✅ Understand how you can apply them to think through a variety of daily life situations

✅ Be well on your way to making better, more thoughtful decisions

Join us for the 10-Day Think Better Challenge! 😀

Everything will help you get at least 1% better a day. Unsubscribe anytime it doesn’t.

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